Pitbull Equipment™

Leading Manufacturer of Mining & Plant Equipment in South Africa.

A thriving industry, competitive advantage, sustainable systems and contingency planning, customer focus and enthusiasm for new and established products and markets – We consistently provide our worldwide partners and clients with reliable solutions to their weighty problems.

PITBULL EQUIPMENT™ is backed by over two decades’ success in solving challenges to access, lifting and transportation including though not limited to the mining industry.

Centrally based in Vryheid, Northern KwaZulu-Natal; heart of South Africa’s coal mining industry. There’s no better place to prove to the world that when it comes to hydraulics and cranes, we know our business!

PITBULL EQUIPMENT™ has undertaken rigorous research into ergonomically sound and safe handling of materials and equipment specializing in underground conditions.

Our Vision

PITBULL EQUIPMENT™ – the most respected manufacturer of mining & plant equipment in South Africa. The Pitbull Mining Equipment Range – internationally acclaimed and exported.

Our Mission

  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Systems Design
  • Service Exchange
  • Component and Machine Overhauls
  • Customer Training
  • Manufacturing of Components
  • Pitbull Crane Exports